This preparation in English helps you build strength and confidence in your ability to give birth to your baby.

An ACTIVE BIRTH describes a woman’s natural response to labour and birth when she allows instinct and intuition to guide her, thus enabling her to become more aware of the physiological needs of her own body.

Through regular practice a woman prepares herself, learning to surrender to the experience, and ultimately allowing the process of birth to unfold naturally, with confidence and trust.

I offer workshops for mothers alone and with their partners, and also private sessions for mothers and their partners

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activebirth_1This approach places emphasis on practicing yoga throughout pregnancy. Yoga brings mind and body into union through the awareness of breath and the practice of gentle movements. It encourages emotional and physical release, which serves as a great aid in calming restlessness and anxiety. Physically, the benefits are numerous. Relief from the normal aches and tensions of pregnancy is gained through learning massage, gentle stretching, breathing, and support from partners and props.

The preparation encourages fathers to participate in the experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting thereby enhancing the commitment of both parents to the responsibilities of mutual support and parenting.

Whether at home or in the hospital, yoga for pregnancy enables a woman to tap into the wisdom of her own body in order to give birth safely and confidently.


It will help a woman adapt to the changes of her body in pregnancy and allow the process of birth, whether at home or in the hospital, to unfold naturally, with confidence and trust.

The regular practice of breathing exercises, gentle movements and yoga postures (practiced to your own level of capacity), will encourage emotional and physical release. You will learn to help yourself with common aches and tensions in pregnancy and calm restlessness and anxiety.

The partner workshop will help your birth partner learn practical tools and comfort measures to support the mother during the birth. It will help the mother take responsibility for her needs during the process.

Topics of interest in birth preparation

  • Proper posture to avoid back pain
  • Exercises to help circulation, stiffness and tiredness
  • Breathing, toning, visualizations and relaxation techniques
  • Perineum and pelvic release excercises
  • Making contact with the baby
  • Coping with intense sensations
  • Talking the woman through the stages of labour
  • Movements and upright positions to facilitate dilation
  • Rehearsing breathing and contractions
  • Positions for the expulsive stage
  • Bearing vs. pushing
  • Partner workshop for support during labour and birth.
  • Parents and baby reunion to integrate the birth process
  • Extra resources included

Prenatal preparation workshops

Private sessions

During private sessions you will learn how to:partner-positions1

  • Optimize your home environment for the stages of labour and possible home birth
  • Learn massage and breath awareness to support the mother and baby in the process of labour and birth
  • Practice various labour movements and positions for birth
  • Learn to communicate with your baby

This session provides a wonderful opportunity to share fears, questions, and concerns in an open, yet private environment.