After childbirth, it is important to develop strength and good muscle tone to support the caring and nursing of your baby.

If the birth has been difficult, you need to allow the natural healing process to happen before you start exercising.
A private yoga program, carefully chosen and arranged to stretch and strengthen your body safely will help you adapt to the demands of your new role as a mother.

The private programme involves the following:

  • Toning and firming the pelvic floor muscles and helping the uterus return to normal
  • Perineum exercises to re-establish proper muscle-tone and functioning after the delivery
  • Strengthening the lower back
  • Toning the abdominal muscles to restore their strength and elasticity
  • Releasing tensions in the shoulders and neck accumulated from the many hours spent carrying your baby
  • Improving circulation to the breasts and maintaining good posture and tone in the muscles that support them
  • Maintaining flexibility and mobility of the joints while promoting the tightening of the ligaments
  • Helping the spine to come back to normal to promote proper posture
  • Conscious breathing to reduce fatigue and stimulate vitality
  • Relaxation exercises

This private session can be shared with 1 or 2 other mothers when you have a big enough space for it. Contact me for a quote and I am happy to get back to you.