Its purpose is to promote communication through healthy touch and a way for the baby to develop its own potential in a caring and loving atmosphere.

Baby massage is recommended for both parents or any caretaker after the baby’s birth.

For parents and caretakers:

  • It is a special moment of communication with your baby and a beautiful way to get to know him or her and give your love
  • It helps you develop your intuition, capacity and self-confidence, creating a deeper bonding between you and the baby
  • You will learn simple massage techniques; stretching and passive movements to promote physical and psychological development
  • It is a good opportunity to share about your experience as new parent

For baby (between 10 days and 9 months old)

  • You can observe less crying, colics and agitation in a regularly massaged baby
  • Your baby learns to release tensions and improve their capacity to cope with the separation of the birth process and deal with stress

  • It helps them stimulate their physical and psychological development
  • It facilitates relaxation, promoting better sleep so important for the well-being of the whole family
  • Promotes better health by stimulating the different systems of the body (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, immune, nervous, muscular, skeleton, endocrine and eliminatory)
“She is also very practical and honest about birthing and I am grateful to have met her at that critical time in my life. I also recommend the baby massage lessons — We have used them on all my children to soothe them and bond. It takes a village! Thanks for being a part of mine Pascale.”
Mutaleni Nadimi

What to have at hand?

  • 2 Towels
  • Extra diapers
  • Drinks
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing

When not to massage?

  • When the baby is tired or hungry (they just want to be held, eat or sleep)
  • When the baby simply doesn’t want to be massaged
  • When the baby is ill
  • After vaccination it is best to wait 48 hours to a week according to the baby’s response to the vaccination
  • When you are stressed