I was certified with yoga and massage at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (USA) in 1998, and followed the path of yogi Amrit Desai (founder of Kripalu Yoga) and many others since.
It was during my first pregnancy, in the Philippines, that the Doula who took care of me, showed me how to communicate and massage my baby, before and after the birth. She was by my side the whole active phase of my labour.

The home birth of my son in 1992 was the most fulfilling life experience I ever had. I started practicing yoga then which became a way of life that inspired me to make it my profession. I have been running a massage and yoga practice since 1999 in Amsterdam, specializing in the prenatal and postnatal period.

How I work:

polandIn my work, I combine my life experience with principles and techniques developed by Janet Balaskas, founder of the Active Birth movement in England and Sheila Kitzinger, anthropologist and birth advocate. My yoga and massage background naturally brought me, in later years, towards serving more often as a doula. I truly believe in the natural process of labour and birth, whether at home, at a birth centre or at the hospital and feel grateful to be part of creating a more conscious and peaceful world for future generations. I am the mother of two children born at home.

Along the years, i have had extensive training and experience in meditation, massage; body work, aromatherapy, psychology and breathwork. I have been deepening my doula skills following numerous workshops in the field and the Childbirth International education.

I am deeply grateful for all the great teachers, parents and children, women and mothers I have had the privilege to learn from and work with.


I have  attended a multitude of workshop learning from experts such as:
Debra Pascali-Bonaro, – DONA International Birth Doula Workshop
Barbara Harper – Embracing the miracle and water birth – Waterbirth International
Jacky Bloemraad-De Boer and Jennifer Walker – advanced doula skills – JJ Doula Training
Sabina Arevalo – closing ritual and rebozo techniques
Anna Verwaal – from womb to world
Gail Tully & Jennifer Walker – Spinning Babies
Sheila Kitzinger, Ina May Gaskin