My goal is to help you become more conscious of your body and mind, more connected to your center, aligned with your needs and what you strive for.


I have been running my practice with yoga and massage in Amsterdam since 1999, giving yoga lessons in group or privately, massage treatments and coaching in people’s home, in my massage practice or in companies.

I pamper you with an aromatherapy massage, treat you with a deep tissue massage or coach you with a yoga class to support your well being.

With yoga for pregnancy, I help you move through the changes of your body & mind with more ease and prepare you for the birth of your baby. After the birth of your baby, I support you get back in shape and regain some energy as you get used to your new responsibility as a parent. A closing ritual within 40 days is recommended to complete your birth process and transit into your new rhythm of life.

I offer to serve you as a doula to accompany you and your partner with the birth of your baby and make it a positive experience. I show you how to massage your baby in one or several sessions. This work is fun to share with another parent and baby. I can also massage your baby when it is more convenient for you.

I come to your company with my chair massage to treat you for 15min and give you a break at work. You will feel happier and more productive in the long run. Coming with my table for a 30min treat of deep tissue will make a big difference to your day!

It is a privilege to serve you in any way I can.
I look forward to meet you!

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My son was born in August…I found doing yoga classes especially helpful …but a few weeks before baby arrived I had a personal yoga session at home from Pascale….really couldn’t recommend that more. She gave me great advice for my particular areas of concern, she’s very knowledgeable and has a lovely calming manner too. The tips she gave me really stuck with me and helped during the delivery, even from just that one session.
Geraldine Ryan
Pascale is a positive and energizing pre-natal yoga instructor and post-natal and baby massage therapist. She guided me through my first pregnancy and allowed me to experience a conscious and empowering delivery. Her can-do attitude made me realise my own strength. She is also very practical and honest about birthing and I am grateful to have met her at that critical time in my life. I also recommend the baby massage lessons — We have used them on all my children to soothe them and bond. It takes a village! Thanks for being a part of mine Pascale.
Mutaleni Nadimi
I had the pleasure to attend a prenatal yoga class run by Pascale and to get her support as my doula during the birth of my son. Pascale is very knowledgeable and attuned to each person’s needs but most importantly she has a lovely warm personality. Already in our yoga class she not only thought us important poses and breathing techniques to make birth easier, she also always created a nice atmosphere and paid attention to our individual abilities and needs. The prenatal yoga course was a highlight in my pregnancy and I looked forward to it each week. Later during the birth, Pascale became my hero birth helper. It was my deepest wish to have a natural birth of my breech baby and I don’t think I could have made it without Pascale’s physical and mental support during birth. I would always ask her again to be my doula and recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a doula.
Sabine Poltermann


Surprise a loved one with a massage, baby massage or yoga session!